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Hi my name is Will and I am the Web/Software Developer of .willCode, come into my world...
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What is .willCode?

Our Buisness (Scroll Down for more info)


You may have a website that you use to sell your product but do you believe that your website can bring you more customers? If not, a promotional website is the way to go. We focus on keeping the message short and straight to the point. People do not like complicated web pages especially if you are trying to introduce a new concept to them. Our web pages has a method of converting potential sales to actual sales. Start Up fee can range between $300 to $10000, fee is based on the amount of pages, content and resources required to build your dream site. If you need monthly updates to web page, a monthly fee of $10 to $200 will be required.Payment plan can be negotiated because I am very reasonable person and I understand how it feels to in a bad position. Feel free to shoot me an email if you are interested or if you would like to see my work/experience. The secret is IPET or IPSS. IPET is for network marketers who want to convert potential team members into actual team members. IPSS is for small time businesses who want more customers for their business.

IPET stands for:

Invitation, Presentation, Enrollment, Training

IPSS stands for:

Invitation, Presentation, Subscribe, Sell

Webpage Plan:

Plan A - Simple Webpage(recommended for personal webpage purposes):

Description: 1-3 pages, simple respondsive design, email marketing. Budget Needed:$300-$500;

Plan B - Moderate Webpage (recommended for local and small businesses):

Description: 3-5 pages, moderate respondsive design, email marketing. E-commerce. SEO optimization. Budget Needed:$600-$1200;

Plan C - High End Webpage (recommended for the exceptional results, included social media marketing):

Description: 5-8 pages, high-end respondsive design, email marketing, Video Marketing, E-commerce, SEO Optimization. Soial media marketing.

Budget Needed:$1200-$10000

I have been studying this concept for years and have seen it work over and over again. View some of my work and experience below. Send me an email with your plan and brief decripption of what you need.

(EX. Plan C- I need a webpage for my Repo business with the following: high-end respondsive design, email marketing, Video Marketing, E-commerce, SEO Optimization, Soial Media Marketing. Thank you)


Websumes are for entrepreneur or business owners who have a certain skills and want to make a living using those skills. Websumes is the same concept as freelancing but instead of signing up on a Website, you have your own website! You webpage will be searchable in my webpage(coming soon) and accessible in Google Search. Websumes can also be used for a job application! Millions of employers will view your page which will help with employment because you will come from being the hunter to the one that is being hunted! You can own your own Websume for just $10.00/Month. Payment plan can be negotiated because I am very reasonable person and I understand how it feels to in a bad position. Feel free to shoot me an email if you are interested or if you would like to see my work/experience. Check out my Websume below!

Will's Multilevel Marketing Calculator

Are you a network martketer? Well I have a conpensation calculator for network marketers who would like to calculate their monthly commisions! View webpage below.

Will's Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media is a big part of our society today. The difference between a small time business and a big time business is the amount of exposure and credibility it has. Social media Market is extremely important if you have a small time business because it helps you connect with the people within your city. The secret to a great business is the perfect harmony between Trust and Expansion. You have to expand within your city first before you expand anywhere else. We have experience earning trust because we have earned our cities trust before we expanded. Your Service is a reflection of who you are. If you give great service, you are most likely a serious person and people love reliable people. We can help with your Social Media marketing business for just $100/month to $5000/month base on the level of service you would like to receive. Payment plan can be negotiated because I am very reasonable person and I understand how it feels to in a bad position. Feel free to shoot me an email if you are interested or if you would like to see my work/experience. If interested or want to see my work, click button below.

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Free Content Website

1. Template Selection - The first step is choosing a template. There are 16 templates to choose from, More templates will be uploaded weekly.

2. Template Input - The second step is adding content to your template. Type into each box for each section on the template.

2. Template Links and Logos - The third step is adding links and a logo to your template. You can add links to your social media in this step. After you have complete all three steps, sumbit the template to get your webpage!

*This webpage does not come with a domain. You have to purchase your own domain and connect it to your template!

Start Creating Your Webpage Today! Click Number 1 below to start!
















Click the buttons on the left to views your options and click from the list on the right to select which template you want to use. This is the first test run so leave comments on how to make this better below!!!

Click here for HEX Code, it should be in this format: #000000

Home Page Instructions

This Template is for Content purposes only. If you have valuable content and would like to display it for the world to see, you are at the right place! You can also use it to make money! Send me a message for more info.

Step 1. Enter your Home Content in red button labeled as "2"

Step 2. Enter your home link, it should be your desired domain name Ex. in the red button labeled as "3".

Step 2. Enter your background color using a HEX Code, a link is provided to you for selection purposes. Enter your code in the red button labeled as "3".

Step 3. Enter your background link, this will only be displayed on a mobile platform. the picture must be a link Ex. YOURBACKGROUNDLINK.png/jpg.

Step 4. If you need more than one page, Enter the name of every page you will need. If you are making a website about Recipes, each page should be a name of a recipe Ex. ChickenNoodleSoup

Step 5. Download Template and save it as "index.html"

Content Instructions

Step 1. Enter your Content Content in red button labeled as "2"(Simply remove the home content that was previously there and replace it with one of your page content)

Step 2. Click the red button labeled as "2". DON'T CHANGE ANY OF THE PREVIOUS INPUTS JUST DOWNLOAD THE FILE AND SAVE IT AS THE PAGE NAME THAT THE CONTENT CORRESPONDS TO WORD FOR WORD. Ex. if your page name is ChickenNoodleSoup, save it as ChickenNoodleSoup.html.

Step 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you are done with all your pages

If you need assistance or would like one of our representatives to do this for you simply send us a message: There may be a fee for our service*








.willCode also features logos! Check out some of our incredible logos by Bowo Arie. If you are interested in purchasing a logo here or need to create a new one, click




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